The heart is going faster
Thank you for your trust
- Maybe you found yourself on this page accidentally, automatically
- Sometimes we make a decision unknowingly
- Without feeling yourself in a moment
- If it is so - be honest to yourself and go back to page one

- But if you really feel that we are going the same Way - thank yourself for conscious feelings and making your choices
- Besides that I recommend to go back to page one and read the whole text
- You will find there information about me. About future trends. And value of the right choice. It is useful to our rational part. To cultivate the trust to your intuitive choices

As I mentioned before:
- My main ability is to feel starting potential of a human, his main gifts and fears
- His roles and chosen occupation, prepared for this Life
- To show them from different angles and start their Realization
Every service is a different
speed, trust and depth
Pull the card
— I will light up actual area of your life with the subconscious cards that have brief explanation
— Online or offline
— Prepayment or/and donation
per one
— To bring clarity to the problem (question) and to the solution (answer)
— Online or offline
per hour
Leela game
— Value:

  • To bring clarity to the problem (question) and to the solution (answer)
  • to descover your attachments
  • to feel the state of connection with yourself Above
  • to feel your Path
  • to accept your manifestations
— Online or offline
— Prepayment or/and donation
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per Game (3-12 hours)
Basic reading
To show the Path of your soul, chosen for this incarnation
— Value:
  • Understanding of your bodygraph (Human Design system)
  • To see your weak and strong sides
  • To define your Destiny: main functions, energy, tasks, that will bring the most Joy and Good
  • Many clients feel energetic, physical and mental reliefs. I can often hear phrazes: "I always thought so, but I was told otherwise", "I was living this way, but I was persuaded to change"
— Online or offline

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8 hours
Coaching (1 month)
To lead out to the Path (reading + accompaniment)
— Value:
  • Same as for the Basic Reading
  • To learn how to use the knowledge
  • Accompaniment, inspiration during implementation of the information (turning it into the experience, personal knowledge)
  • Answers to the questions during the motion and transformation
  • To let you feel how to Live your own Life
— Stages
  • Basic reading - 8 hours
  • Weekly analyzes - 4 sessions by 2 hours (a task for a week and check up) - 8 hours
  • Chat support (question - answer) - 8 hours
— Online or offline
24 часа
Retreat (13 days on Bali)
Learn to walk your Path. Quickly
— Value:
  • The speed of residence, very quick experience accumulation, new neuron connections, new sensations, habitual reactions
  • suits for those, who can spare time, loves speed and ready to quickly implement new knowledges into Life
  • Work on a different levels: body, energy, thoughts and choices
  • Learning under tendance
  • Learning of interaction with other people - couples and groups
— Only Offline
— Number of participants - 20

More information
13 дней
Coaching (6 mon)
Learn to walk your Path. Steady and smoothly
  • Same as coaching for 1 month
  • Smooth and steady implementation of habits
  • No extra accelerations with big stresses
  • Accompaniment and support on every stage
6 мес
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