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    Oleksandr Korol

Hello, Soul

I offer you several forms of journey to Yourself.

They differ in the level of trust, depth of immersion, time and cost.

About Me

Oleksandr Korol (Dvaaya)

Guide, yogi and mystic

Through retreats, the ancient game of self-discovery "Leela", online and live communication, as well as individual sessions - guided hundreds of souls to the Silence and Clarity of how to feel and walk their Path

How to start the interaction?

Temporary communication. Customization and helpers. To answer questions that create confusion, pains, fears, ambiguities along the way. Bring clarity to important life events

The format is live and online (Zoom) communication

The cost is $500

Duration – 1-1.5 hours

Format - live and online (Zoom)

Number of sessions - 4 (2 hours each)

Cost - $500 per session

I have been playing Lila for over 3 years. Hundreds of souls remembered themselves and adjusted theirs


Features of my conduct - I decode the main feature of the Soul before the game - sometimes it is called the Purpose.

And then the game shows how to direct yourself, what list of actions to do so that the personality reflects the Spirit more.

Conditions - $500 per person

Free for the organizer

Format - live and online (Zoom)

The duration is 8-9 hours on average

The feeling of one's own Path and skillful passage is the most valuable thing in Life for the Soul on Earth. What did you come to do? - this question awakens you to "faithful actions" - manifestations of your Faith

Telegram channel for those who learn to live a conscious and wise life

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