Is there anything more valuable than understanding of Who You Are and what do you Want to do in this Life?
What is reading by Human Design system
- When human wants to understand the form, not the essence - I stop it
- I stop it with a single question - "Right now I'm going to tell you some story, and you get to believe it or not. Not a simple task. Counting that fact that you have nothing to counter with"
- I offer you to check it out by yourself
- So, the Human Design is a system, that will help you to answer and check your answers to these questions:
- What is your role in this Life?
- What are your strong and weak sides?
- What prevents you from being yourself?
- How can you make the right decisions?
- How to interact with others?

If you're honest enough with yourself and you have the answers to these questions - you don't need the reading. But if you have doubts, uncertainty or wish-interest - than the basic reading will give you another unusual sight on yourself.

It's some kind of manual of yourself in this Life.
It is called bodygraph.
How does bodygraph looks (It's Me)
This is also Me
Dvaaya (Alexander Korol)
Guide and catalyst in the Game
- Destiny and conscious business development consultant
- Upgrade training-center co-founder
- Serial entrepreneur
- Vipassana practician 4 years (9 courses)
- Manifestor 5/1 on the Left-angel Individuality Cross
My Mission is To Awake people to Wish to Live Their Lives

Conditions and price
Basic reading from Alexander Korol (Dvaaya)
Two meetings:
First - 2 hours
Second — 1 hour
Order reading
1st meeting
I analize your bodygraph and explain the basic information. You will get practical advices and after the reading you can start your own experiment - put knowledge into practice.

2nd meeting
If you start the experiment - you will have some questions. On the 2nd meeting you can share with what is going on and get the answers to your questions.

The meetings are held privately on Bali or online via Slype. After every meeting you will get the audio tape of the session.
How does it work?
You send the request
We are making an appointment to the convenient date and time
You are paying for the reading
I am getting ready for the reading
We meet or connect via Skype
I am doing the reading of your bodygraph
We meet again
You are sharing your experience and get the answers to your questions
Why does your reading cost so much?
Yes, the price questions are usually not convenient but only until we realize the value behind it.

Whoever read my story will recall that 1,5 years ago I have sold one company and close another moved to India and it have changed my perception of the World greatly and myself in it as well. But even before that I have got acquainted with the Human Design system. I've got my reading and there I got to know that my strategy of making a decision is to trust my intuition.

It's when you don't know why and what for, but you feel that you need to do it. And I started to trust myself more. It has filled me with an incredible energy and lightness in movement. It has given me a precise algorithm. My doubts were gone.

Was it worth $300? Even one right decision in my life is worth more than that. Why? Because if I'm making wrong decisions I'm wasting something that is more valuable - time. Sometimes even friends or health. Alongside you are getting state of anger.

If I'm standing on the crossroad and don't know where to go and what to do but I value $300 suit more than the answer to these questions you've read above - that means that I will still be standing on the same crossroad. Angry. And in a $300 suit. Whatever you invest your attention and matter into - that will grow.
Can I pay you upon meeting?
My work with your bodygraph starts far before our meeting. It starts when we agreed that I will do the basic reading for you. Your payment is a part of our agreement. And that is a basis I start my work at.
How to get prepared for the reading?
After the request I always ask what you expect from the reading, what is your request and why have you decided to get the reading right now. The more sincere and honest your answers are, even more for yourself, the earlier your inner work will start, the work that always go with the reading.

Also I recommend to treat responsibly the exact time of your birth when you fill up the application. The precision should be up to 5-10 minutes, otherwise you're risking to get the manual to someone else's life.

All the astrologists have this procedure called birth time rectification. If you're doubting your birth time - talk to professional astrologist for this procedure.
What's better - face to face meeting or Skype call?
The meeting that is available right now is better. It might be the most correct. I often give the readings via Skype, especially if my clients are from other cities or countries. I can tell that the frequency of the voice is working wonders: there is an effect of presence and deep contact. Sometimes conversation via Skype gives more relaxation to the client and more opportunity to concentrate on a reading, not on the way he/she looks or behave.
Will I be provided with the audio record and a transcript?
There is one rule for everybody who is giving any reading by Human Design system - you have to record the audio. And you always have to give it to your client.

You're going to be surprised of how the information of the reading will unpack for you layer by layer after each time you listen to it.

The transcript will not be provided - it's not only the words that were said matter, but also the frequency of the voice of the person who was doing the reading.
What is possible after the basic reading?
1. The best thing you can do is to experiment with your Strategy and Authority. Without it everything else doesn't matter.

2. If you feel that you need a support in your experiment - I offer coaching. It's a meeting once a week for 2 hours.

3. For better understanding of the basics of Human Design you can enroll to the classical basic course "Living your design" by me or other guides. I am teaching this course individually

4. If you have a regular partner you can get a Partner Reading. It helps to understand the mechanics of the relationships and make it more aware.
And now the main thing
- You have invested not that much time on this site
- But you will have tens of thousand situations like this and choices on your path, some much harder
- Time is priceless
- If you feel, that we're going the same Way…
- Make your Choice
The choice will be given to you many times, until you realise it. That will be a step to yourself
— ЯR
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