Human, this is "The Right Step" for you
Stop. Take a deep breath and exhale three times. If you feel like Yes - press the red button
Loosing time.
- That's it, HUMAN
- You've lost your first chance
- And, most likely, you didn't get to stop and inhale-exhale, or listen to yourself and your state in the momentum
- it's ok and you're used to it, but…
- now rational brain has taken over
- and you have to spend valuable time to figure out if this information is for you?
- is this a step on your Path, or somewhere sideways?
Make a strong Step.
- I don't want to scare you. But that's how we spend all of our Life.
- Not making steps, but hesitating, evaluating, weighing in, finding proofs…
- Facts, facts, facts
- But every fact was just an intention someday, an idea
- And only those, who created those facts were stepping bravely there, where they weren't before
- Trusted themselves and were walking
- Edison stepped into the unknown 10 000 times before he invented the light bulb
- Any of your choice - is not a 100% sure
- It's a combination of feel, self-trust and bravery to step forward
Or you will get confused.
- Our brain is not capable to take steps into the unknown
- Into the obscure, into the new, into something else
- and that is why we become the hostages of the past
- When the Path is determined by the previous choices
- And what if you take a turn from your Path? Then how to come back on it?
- You continue to choose with the fears of past
- it's an endless wandering
- And it's getting harder and harder to get out of this whirl
In doubts.
- And here we have a new info again
- Does it make it easier? No
- With a high probability - no
- You have already made a step to the side - moving away from yourself
- From someone, who is capable of walking in the Abbys, with a total trust to himself
- The one who is seeking new. Seeking his own. Who is complete in his choice.
- Ready to press? If yes - red button. If not - go on
And time is priceless.
- We're losing time
- Let me share my story with you
- I'm 34
- I have graduated from a very prestigious academy. As an IT specialist
- Captivated by psychology - stepped into marketing
- Created, operated and sold 6 online businesses
- Created and participated in different social projects
- Co-founder of one of the best training center in Ukraine
- 2018-2019 - sold my Amazon business
- And closed business in Ukraine
Listen to the call of your heart
- On one of the business meeting I have surrendered to the call of my heart
- And in the middle of high business activity, with a total non-understanding from my business partner
- I moved to India. It was a period of concentrated self-cognition

Step into the new.
- I started to learn different human cognition systems: Human Design, Enneagrams, Physiognomy, Gene Keys, Astrology… and many others. All of them are saying pretty much the same, but from different angles
- I have participated in more than 30 Hellinger arrangements sessions
- Have sat through hundreds of hours of meditations of Vipassana
- I have played every psychological and developing game I know of
- Have practiced live and holotropic breathing
- I have experienced different forms of deprivations (free-diving, catacombs, nano-death)
- There are hundrends of hours of extatic-dance under my belt, contact improvisation, tantric practices and Kundalini meditations
- I have given my body for the sessions of kinesiology, thai massage, Rules and Alpha Gravity
- I have practiced different types of yoga (khatkha-yoga, iyengar yoga, Acro yoga)
- Practiced transpersonal, dynamic, chacra and sound meditation
- Even got carried away into psychotropic substances (DMT, psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca)
With the fire in your eyes.
- I wanted to dig down to my Destiny
- To my task for this Life
- Every system told me same thing, but in a different forms
- And I have observed, enjoyed and practiced all manifestations of myself
- But…
- It was difficult for me to trust myself COMPLETELY. Exactly enough to change my life style. Occupation. Circle of friends
- It is much harder than just pushing a red button
- And it can last for years
- And meanwhile your soul is fading away, energy is decreasing, your body is shrinking and these are not the only consequences of not trusting yourself
To Be yourself.
- My main ability is to feel starting potential of a human, his main gifts and fears
- His roles and chosen occupation, prepared for this Life
- To show them from different angles and start their Realization
As is.
- Below you will find my profile by Human Design
- There, also, Gene Keys
- Incarnation Cross
- Astrology
- And 22 arcanes of fate
- Not sure that many of it makes sense to you…
- And all this text wasn't about understanding. It doesn't help you much to choose
- Choices are made from the senses of your own truth, self trust and bravery to step into the unknown!
Outside the fear.
- And now I will ask you a question:
- How can you find out, that even a little bit of what is written above was the truth?
- Your mind will give you the cue?
- Did you get the proof? Facts, arguments, persuasive story?
- Emotions?
And inside the Truth.
- We are drowning in the external
- But the only support - are the sensations, state of your Truth inside
- And only that what you can base your Choice on
- We have lost a few minutes with you
- I don't know if you will go further or keep hesitating
- Or you will make a choice and close the page
- But remember that time will come, and you will not be able to authenticate the information
- When the quantity of probabilities of where to go and what to do will grow 10 or 100 times
- Is it hard for you what to do even now?
- What to learn?
- Where to go?
- In 5 or 7 years it will be extremely difficult
- And only a sensation of the right choice in a moment and Your Path in Life
- Will let you walk confidently and smiling
- Instead of hesitations, emptiness, endless searches and "sweet" depressions
And again into the Beginning
- I have created this site for humans that think and sense
- To help to get to the Path
- To fulfill their roles successfully
- I can light up your Trail (consultation), teach you to walk and walk along with you a little (coaching)
- Also you can get into educational groups of Human Design and life "in a Flow"
- Maybe we will start our common cause with you

- but all of it AFTER YOUR CHOICE
To make a right choice.
- And here is the main thing
- You didn't waste that much time on this site
- But you will have tens of thousands choices like this on your Path, and much harder
- Time is priceless
- If you feel, that we're going the same Way…
- Make your Choice
- In this World: knowledge, information, people, our understanding - everything is coming to us after our choices. Can you choose like this?
- Why would you read this so long otherwise?)
The choice will be given to you many times, until you realise it. That will be a step to yourself
— ЯR
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