Leela is a game of Self Knowledge
Ancient Indian game. Created by yoga masters for Self Knowledge and exploring of your Path
Properties of Leela Game
To show to every player where in life 'plugs' and 'attachments' happen, their causes and ways to overcome. And also to display the easy Path to connect with Higher Self

Who will benefit?
- first of all - it is a game for yourself
- often people play by couples to better explore each other
- sometimes conscious business partners play

But even if you play alone, and your request is connected to some people, the game will "magically" connect you on the playing field with their "substitute"
You can not win or lose playing Leela
Same as a game of Life - you can play and explore. Feel yourself, your Path and observe the Truth
Why people often play Leela Game?
- very often you can meet people that want to understand your Path, your Destiny
- to make up your mind on the intersection of choices
- to see your repetitive unconscious patterns-states-emotions-behaviours
- learn to feel yourself and move "in a Flow" after connection with Higher Self
- to gain clarity/solution in some question/problem

Leela is a Metaphor of Life
It has a magical power of a bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness because it can speak the language of words, symbols and forms simultaneously. By connecting them it can change old and narrow designs and to teach the easy flow of Life

What happens in a game sometimes
- The player cannot enter the game for 2 or 3 hours, until the valuable request comes up. If you came just to play, than the Game will remove the peel of illusions and will submerge you to the depth of what is relevant and valuable for you now

- The player can go through the Game in 30 minutes, and sometimes - in 18 hours (We play until you connect to the higher Self. Only after the sensation of the Flow you will end the Game)

- Two or more people are traveling, like a soulmates next to each other

- Looping in a typical behavioral reactions for a few hours, until he/she realizes them

Dvaaya (Alexander Korol)
Guide and catalyst in the Game
- Destiny and conscious business development consultant
- Upgrade business center co-founder
- Serial entrepreneur
- Vipassana practician 5 years (10 courses)
- Manifestor 5/1 on the Individuality Cross
- hundreds of testimonial on my instagram account

Now I live on Ko Phangan (Thailand)
What will you get?
- Clarity in your request

- Acceptance and understanding of patterns-states (even such emotion as sadness or anger has it's value)

- You will feel the sensation of walking in a connection with higher Self

- You will be able to connect situations in a game with the situations in your life. It will help you understand and accept events and their values easier and learn how to act right - these knowledge will spare a lot of energy, money and time on you Path of Life
What is the other value of Leela?
Concentration of the states, insights and "coincidences"
Personal experience and knowledge
You're doing the moves yourself. It is not an interpretation of other people, psychologists, numerologists or other -ologists of your thought and stories. Where a lot can be twisted by you or others.

These are your real states and actions. Reflection of the reality, as it is. You will notice, if you envy a lot in Life, that you get to the envy cell a lot. But not cause you're a bad person, but to notice the value of this manifestation. And manifest it appropriately.

And yes, at first I'm helping to direct the attention, to enlighten some moments-situations where your conscience is not accustomed to look
The Game is teaching the unity of everything and gifts the Miracles
The Game is showing that everybody and everything are connected. You don't play one on one with my. We play in together with everybody. All the situations, explanations, insights are equal for everyone who is ready to accept them.

For example, we can feel genuine compassion to the closest player in a moment and the next moment the arrow of Compassion is rising you up to the higher plan of the Game.

You if you're sincerely sharing your states, your emotions with everybody. Something you've been hiding from others and from yourself. And it releases a great amount of energy and here you roll a dice 7 times in a row with a 6 on it (meaning the highest energetic potential in the game)

Or it is difficult for you to feel True Self and after 5 hours of rolling the dice you don't even enter the Game. Is it bad - no, it is ah honest feedback. Not this time, but if you accept these results as a mirror than you can find your genuine wishes, sensations and to start Living your Life.
Concentrate. Years in one day
A lot of times we can not understand of the connection of cause-effect of events in our life, cause these events in our Life are spreading quite wide in time.

In a Game everything is very compressed: you felt the state - rolled a dice - the Game has shown.

All the game happens inside of you, between the rolls of the dice. It is a true Leela Game - your Life, your states, choices, actions.

You can save a lot of time, money and health by getting the experience in such form
It's not just a game, it is you Life on a game field. It's much better to learn here than run circles in your Life

Closest games
Availability: message me
Beginning: 9:30 a.m.
Number of participants:
7-8 (there are online and individual games with fewer participants)
Duration: 6-12 hours
Price: $100
(Who can not afford it financially - add yourself to the donation list or you can manifest your donations (abilities) by taking photos, video editing and so on). It is very important to move your energy where your insights arise.
Place: online or live
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